Last Official Appearance


As many of you know my dear friend and sister queen Brittney Henry’s grandfather passed away this week. I hope you all keep her and her family in your prayers this week. When she had to change her schedule I was asked to step in as the Grand Marshall for the Viking Parade in Poulsbo Washington. We were all very sad she could not attend, and I was extremely honored when I was asked to fill the duties. For my last appearance, boy we sure ended with a bang. Back in November, my first local’s appearance was in Kitsap County and here I am again ending out my year in the same town. How fun right?! My mom and I woke up in the morning to take a walk around the water when we found cute brightly colored bicycles for rental! So instead we strapped some helmets on and rode around the water! It was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. 🙂 I can’t wait to get a bike in college. Then it was off to the Viking Parade where I was treated like royalty. This was my first parade as Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen and boy was it a good one! There were so many people and eager children, I just loved it. The streets were jammed packed full of people and at one point I felt like Princess Mia in Princess Diaries II during the parade. You could tell how much fun the town is, they have a great sense of what community is. Thank you Poulsbo for making me feel like family and way more than a princess. And a big thank you to Margie and the West Sound Committee for inviting me to such a fun event and taking care of me while I was there. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to cap off my year. 7 more days until the new Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen is crowned. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on what fun things I will do every day this week in honor of this wonderful program.


“It’s your life, what are you going to do? The world is watching you.”

Coyote Howl


Today I had so much fun and felt like a kid again as I ventured to my old elementary school for the annual Coyote Howl. It was so thrilling to see all the children running around just enjoying life. It filled my spirits with that child-like faith. I was assigned to greet at the Photo booth and after awhile the little girls wanted me to hop in the booth with them and get pictures. Before I knew it I was in the booth more than I was out of the booth. It was so much fun, those kids sure can make some silly faces.:) It was such a joy to put smiles on their faces. It is so rewarding to volunteer and know that the power we have can make a difference. I want to encourage you all to go make a difference in others lives today. 🙂


International missy tech savvy media international supreme queen


Hey there! I’m checking in here at the miss Washington spring forum! We are all having a ball here. This weekend I have been learning so much about technology and the rise in social media! (as I sit here and type this on my smart phone;) twitter, blogs, Facebook etc have been so vital in relaying information and I need to get hip and savvy on all the terminology! So here is my declaration to the public that “on my honor I will get a twitter ( and figure out how to use it… So follow me at @NicoleRenard7) post video blogs, photos and many things on Facebook before my reign is over in 3 weeks”. This will be fantastic I will assure you so spread the word and join me in all my fun endeavors for the end of the year! Now I must get back to eating dessert and singing karaoke..:) p.s. this picture was taken this very instant at the dessert auction;)



Rainy Morning


Woo! You would think I live in Seattle if you saw the weather here today! I headed to the Convention Center bright and early this morning at 6:30 for the Tri-City Cancer Center’s Fundraising Breakfast. I was able meet and greet members of the community and cancer survivors and provide them with a flower and ribbon in the color of their corresponding cancer. It was incredible to see the faces of many people who have fought through this terrible disease. After hearing some touching testimonies and how the Cancer Center has helped people through their battles, I was brought back to the realization of why I am so passionate about my platform. It’s the organizations that not only treat the cancer but truly the patient and save lives because of it. It’s so important and so many places just like the Cancer Center need our continual community support. This morning was such a blessing.